Production Machining


Taylor Iron has been providing some of the world’s largest companies with high quality, precision production machining for nearly a century. We have the technology and systems to meet your most stringent requirements, driven by a dedicated workforce committed to crafting components to your precise specifications.

Our machinists are skilled in using both CNC and manual machines, which are capable of holding tight tolerances and accommodating difficult setups. With our 5th axis capabilities and CAD/CAM software, our machinists have the tools to complete virtually any customer requirement regardless of size or complexity.

Our build to print experts build your parts based on your specs and can provide you with expert advice based on years of experience. They work hand in hand with our programmers to adjust the code as needed to ensure your part is made correctly. Our state-of-the-art machines inspect and verify the product, followed by the QA team’s second tier of quality inspection.

Reliably delivering the components you need, when you need them.