About Taylor Iron

Founded in 1920, Taylor Iron-Machine Works is a 4th generation family-owned small manufacturing business. We specialize in short-run and production build-to-print requirements utilizing our broad capabilities to machine, form/bend, turn, weld, and assemble parts. We take great pride in our employees' continual commitment to providing outstanding customer service, aggressive lead times and flexibility in the face of ever-changing market demands.



Our History

Not a lot of companies can say they’ve been around nearly a century like ours. The same year that Joe Kincl started Taylor Iron-Machine Works – 1920– Americans were scrambling to buy the new Ford Model T, women had just been given the right to vote and Prohibition was in full swing.

Joe learned his trade as a young man working in a European locksmith shop. His vision for Taylor Iron was to deliver the high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional service that he had honed through his early experience. Friendly, personal one-on-one service and good old-fashioned honest hard work helped Taylor Iron quickly grow. Always a family owned business, it was incorporated in 1928. Arnold Cuba, Joe’s future son-in-law, became its general manager in 1935. In 1994 his daughter Carolyn Cuba Hickman. In 2020, Joe’s great-grandson, Curtis Hickman, stepped into the new role of CEO, continuing the family legacy that Joe created so long ago.

We’ve weathered a lot of changes in the world since our beginnings, and we’ve evolved as our customers’ needs have evolved. Our 45,000-sq. ft. facility in quiet little Taylor, Texas, is home to state-of-art equipment, leading-edge techniques and some of the most seasoned engineers and machinists in the industry.